About Us

Our Goal

The East Aurora Educational Foundation is dedicated to working with teachers to bring unique educational experiences to the classroom through direct grant funding, and the individual consideration of teacher needs.  Our goal is helping support the passion and innovation of our teachers, and providing them the resources necessary to support the educational excellence which has become a hallmark of East Aurora schools.

Why Do We Need a Foundation?

Each project funded by the foundation is beyond the scope of the district’s operating budget, and is specifically focused on enriching the student curriculum.  The foundation firmly believes the ability to support innovative educational opportunities has significant impact on the quality of student education.  As the financial gap continues to grow between what public funds provide and the cost of maintaining this standard of education in our schools, the work of the foundation has never been more important.

What Does the Foundation Support?

Since its inception, the foundation has awarded nearly $1,000,000 in grant support to teachers in the East Aurora Union Free School District. These grants have generally focused on funding unique and innovative educational opportunities beyond the scope of the district’s operating budget.  Historically, these grants have targeted areas such as innovation in curriculum and instruction, and the incorporation of new equipment and technologies.  Virtually every department at each grade level has benefited from the opportunities afforded by the foundation. Teachers have been able to challenge their students through engaging and unique learning opportunities, and are encouraged to think creatively to develop projects that will enhance the education of their students, and prepare them with 21st century skills.

How Does the Foundation Secure Support?

As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the East Aurora Educational Foundation relies entirely on donations and community support to fulfill its mission: to enhance the educational experience of students in the East Aurora Union Free School District.

Donors to the foundation are able to have a direct, meaningful impact on our students, and help provide dedicated teachers the tools for success.  Alumni, private individuals, businesses, and families have the opportunity to make their hopes for our children and our community become a reality. Please help make a difference in our schools by making a gift today.

Board of Directors



Betsey Dechert-Boss

Vice President:
Dan Brunson

Diane Schultz

Jill Ervin

Board Members:

Laurie Eden
Holly Freed
Mary Kay LaForce
Jeff Markello
Susan McClaren
Tom Metzger
Ryan O’Connor


East Aurora Educational Foundation
430 Main Street, East Aurora, NY 14052
The East Aurora Educational Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization.